Xbox Game Pass for PC

What is Xbox Game Pass for PC?

game pass for pc

Xbox Game Pass for PC is an app that includes all the benefits from Xbox Live Gold with more than 100 premium games created for PC, mobile devices, or console. This membership usually asks for a small monthly fee in order to benefit from it, but on our website, you can get access to Game Pass for PC for free without any monthly costs. Just download Game Pass for PC by clicking the download button below.


How to download Xbox games on PC through Xbox Game Pass for PC

By installing the Game Pass app for PC from our website you will have access to all Xbox games that are also made for PC. Now you will be able to install any game you wish not only on Xbox but also on any PC. With Xbox Game Pass for PC, you can play any news game released for Xbox consoles.

How much is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for PC?

Microsoft Game Pass for PC is absolutely free, with no monthly costs required in order to play any game you wish. Just download the setup from our website and join Game Pass for PC for free with no costs at all! Our website will not serve ads while your playing, or other hidden tricks!

Play Ubisoft Games with Game Pass for PC

Game Pass for PC has a wide collection of PC games from EA Games and Ubisoft. Now you can play your favorite games from Ubisoft and EA Games with just a few clicks, no costs, nothing, all the games for free! Isn’t this a great deal?

In the end, a few more things about Game Pass Ultimate for PC will never ask for your email address, passwords, or sensitive piece of information like date of birth, credit cards, online accounts, or any other information that may create future troubles for your privacy. We not use any cookies and we do not track any browsing activity on our website. We are the only website in the industry that is not using any cookies to provide ads or anything else. Happy playing!